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If it has a tracker, it’s an asset. Whatever you need to manage all your equipment.

Unassigned Devices

An Unassigned Device is the identifying serial number of a device transmitting data to Temeda. The Unassigned Devices window lets you view Unassigned Devices, assign

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Install Verification ECM

This document outlines the recommended install verification procedure for Telematics Devices that are connected to an Asset’s Engine Control Module.  This procedure should be completed

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Administrators have the ability to add, edit and delete Drivers and to assign these Drivers to your Assets. This feature is useful for customers that

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Camera Events

Admin users will see an option for “Camera Events” within the Admin menu that will list all camera events and video for your fleet. Camera

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The Grid displays real time data for all of the assets in the account in a table format. The data elements and order can be

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Asset Pop-Up

Each Asset is represented by an individual icon on the map. When you select an Asset, you will see a Pop-Up bubble with detailed information

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