Camera Events

Admin users will see an option for “Camera Events” within the Admin menu that will list all camera events and video for your fleet. Camera footage can be filtered by Date/Time or Asset.  The Video Camera Events page shows a column for Speed, so you know the vehicle speed of the camera incident without having to watch the video. You can also sort and filter on Speed in the list. Admins can add notes to camera events, and flag them using color-coded flags.


Live Look

Users can now view live video snapshots from the camera as it drives down the road.

Live Look Viewer

Users can now view live video streaming from the Camera, Road and Cabin Facing. 

Severe Shock Events and Alert

When a SmartWitness camera experiences a severe shock event (over 3 Gs of gravitational force), the camera will automatically create a Severe Shock Event and upload the video to the system. Users can also create Alerts/Notifications based upon this event.