Total ELD Dealer Training

Dealer Training Itinerary: Website Portal Logging into the Website Portal Portal Overview Website Portal Home Page eDash Portal Reseller tasks (Client Integration) Adding Clients Client Details Home Bases Assets Adding User Accounts for clients Setting Up Drivers Assigning to home bases Managing Clients Logging into client accounts Changing Passwords Dashboard Report Log Corrections Report Interface …

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Total ELD Admin Training

Admin User Training Itinerary All ATS Fleet Management Training Videos: Website Portal Logging into the Website Portal Portal Overview – Website Portal Home Page eDash Portal Motor Carrier tasks (Driver Integration) Adding Drivers – Required Driver Information Assigning User ID’s and Passwords ELD Rulesets Setting Up Locations Assigning Drivers to locations       Managing …

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Total ELD Driver Training

ATS Fleet Management’s Driver training: Driver Training Itinerary The Total ELD Application provides the driver with a state of the art, 100% compliant ELD Solution that is user friendly and will help the driver easily complete their required daily tasks.  The following is a listing of the Driver Training Itinerary. Training Outline Logging into …

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ELD Setup and Training

To view this guide as a downloadable PDF, click here.In order for your Drivers to have a smooth transition into TEMEDA E-logging, there is some set up and training required. There are additional training resources for both Drivers and Admins if you would like to dive further into the available features that go beyond what …

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Install Verification ECM

This document outlines the recommended install verification procedure for Telematics Devices that are connected to an Asset’s Engine Control Module.  This procedure should be completed after completing the device specific installation guide. Step 1: Turn the engine on Turn the engine on After about 60 seconds, check the Temeda app. The app should show the …

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Sensor Setup

Temeda’s Binary sensor detection and reporting is configured to quickly and easily report the state of critical assets and support components in your fleet. Sensor Enablement Process Customer requests a sensor set in their account Temeda Operations configures the back-end systems to support the sensor request An installer connects the sensors We recommend that the …

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Getting Started

Temeda’s Getting Started Training guide is designed to help you learn the basics of the Temeda application. Temeda Overview Key Features of Temeda (26:56) Temeda Desktop App Overview (6:18) Temeda Mobile App Overview (10:32) GPS Device Installation Need an Installer? Contact Temeda by email at or by phone at +1-855-289-7821 GPS Device Installation Guides

Maintenance Status

Status Header Total number Overdue, Due, and Not Due count. Graphically and in text. Display total number of assets subject to maintenance task/plans. Page filtering by All, Overdue, Due, and Not Due. Clear filers action Export data action Free text search bar, Asset ID pull down search, and Plan/Schedule pull down search. Spreadsheet View Shows …

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Maintenance Logs

Maintenance Logs View Display all logs Sortable column headers: Service Date Asset Plan/Schedule Service Interval Logged Odometer Logged Hours Technician Service Notes Part Labor Total Cost Actions (not sortable) Add a Log button Clear filters action button Export data action button Free text search bar Search by Asset Edit, Delete, and Service Details action buttons …

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