Maintenance Status

Status Header

  1. Total number Overdue, Due, and Not Due count. Graphically and in text.
  2. Display total number of assets subject to maintenance task/plans.
  3. Page filtering by All, Overdue, Due, and Not Due.
  4. Clear filers action
  5. Export data action
  6. Free text search bar, Asset ID pull down search, and Plan/Schedule pull down search.

Spreadsheet View Shows

  1. Due Percent, Asset, Status, Plan / Schedule Name, Next Service, Current Odometer, Current Hours, Last Service Date, Last Service Odometer, Last Service Hours, Last Location.
  2. Spreadsheet hot links:
    1. Asset links to Asset Detail Page
    2. Plan / Schedule Name links to Maintenance Plan Detail
  3. Action buttons:
    1. Log Maintenance: On click open Maintenance Log Detail page.
    2. Service History: On click open asset detail page to Maintenance tab.
    3. Service Task: On click open Service Details PFD document.
  4. Paginate data:
    1. Display next page action bar
    2. Display current page of total page text