ELD Setup and Training

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In order for your Drivers to have a smooth transition into TEMEDA E-logging, there is some set up and training required. There are additional training resources for both Drivers and Admins if you would like to dive further into the available features that go beyond what will be needed day to day.Note: The below steps must be completed after your TEMEDA account manager has received their login credentials to temeda.com.

Part 1

This step is for the TEMEDA Admin. Follow the ELD Account Setup help page for all information.
This will walk you through setting up TEMEDA properly to enable ELD for your Locations, Assets, Drivers, and Admins. This step creates your Driver’s Login and Password for our E-log software, eTrack Certified.

Part 2

This video walks drivers through the average steps for using eTrack Certified. Having drivers that will be keeping E-logs watch and understand this video is the crucial step to ensure your ELD experience runs smoothly.
eTrack Certified is automatically downloaded to the Veosphere when installation is complete and the Veosphere is powered on.

Additional Training Resources

Driver Training Resources

This website provides training videos on individual tasks such as editing logs and changing duty statuses. These videos are most helpful when Drivers need to learn a specific task.
ELD Docs

TEMEDA-ATS Admin Training Resources

  1. This is the TEMEDA-ATS Admin portal. This link will be used by an ATS admin to update logs.
  2. This website has videos that walk an admin through specific tasks that may come up such as editing a driver’s log.

ELD Frequently Asked Questions

Driver can’t find the vehicle they are looking to start a trip with.

  1. The Asset has not been Enabled in temeda.com (see section 2 of the ELD’AOBRD Customer Account Setup Guide dealing with asset creation)
  2. The vehicle is already on a trip with another driver. Only one vehicle can be assigned to an active trip at a time. Once a vehicle is used for a trip, it will not be selectable by anyone else until their trip is closed and complete.

Vehicle Odometer is incorrect in eTrack Certified

  1. The telematics device is not receiving vehicle odometer directly from the engine bus. To resolve this; from the Driver Dashboard in eTrack Certified > options (this looks like 3 dashes in the top left corner of the screen next to the drivers name) > ECM Connection > Manually Set Odometer > type in the vehicles odometer > Save. Your manually set odometer will now display on your dashboard.

How can a Driver makes Notes for their logs?

  1. From the Drivers dashboard in eTrack Certified:
  2. View Logs
  3. “Comments” tab
  4. Add the note you wish to be added to the current driver log
  5. Select Update Comments.

How can a Driver make edits to their logs?

  1. From the Drivers dashboard in eTrack Certified: tap the 3 dashes in the top left hand corner next to the Drivers name (this is the options menu) > Driver Logs > Duty Log Changes > select the Duty Status that needs to be changed (note: there are several statuses such as drive time are not editable as this information is automatically recorded) > Done.

How can an Admin make edits to a Driver Log?

  1. Admins are able edit Driver logs using the Temeda/ATS Admin Portal link: https://temeda.infopowerapps.com/Login.aspx.
  2. Once signed in using the ELD enabled Admin credentials created in TEMEDA.com > select the tab Admin Tools > Change Duty Status > select your driver, date, and the Duty Status you wish to edit > Save.
  3. For this edit to be shown in the Driver log, the Driver has to certify that the change is correct. To do this: Sign into eTrack Certified > before the dashboard shows up and automated screen will display a button that says “Requested Edits”, select this button > select the duty status edit that the Admin made > fill out the document > done.

e-Track Certified: No ECM Connection

  1. This means that eTrack Certified is not recognizing vehicle engine data. This often happens when incorrect information has been filled in for a vehicle when the Asset was being created in Temeda.com, such as the VIN# (see section: 1) a. of this document). E-Track Certified is reading different information coming from the engine then what is was programmed to look for when the Asset was created.
  2. To find out what malfunction is occurring: select No ECM Connection > the malfunction will appear on the screen in text. Contact