Total ELD Admin Training

Admin User Training Itinerary

All ATS Fleet Management Training Videos:

Website Portal

Portal Overview
  1. Logging into the Website Portal
  2. Portal Overview –
    1. Website Portal Home Page
    2. eDash Portal

Motor Carrier tasks (Driver Integration)

Adding Drivers
  1. Adding Drivers –
    1. Required Driver Information
    2. Assigning User ID’s and Passwords
    3. ELD Rulesets
  2. Setting Up Locations
    1. Assigning Drivers to locations      

Managing Drivers

Useful Driver Reports
Log Corrections
  1. Useful Driver Reports –
    1. Printing Log Books
    2. Sending RODS to FMCSA when requested
    3. Dashboard Report
  2. Log Corrections –
  3. Locked Drivers

Scheduling Shipments

Scheduling Shipments
  1. Scheduling Shipments:
  2. Assigning drivers
  3. Scheduling Report

Printing Fleet Reports



IFTA Reporting


  1. Making adjustments
  2. Extended IFTA Reporting