Setup and Validation of MC4E Digital Input

How the MC-4E’s digital input works

There are two possible types of installation deployments:

  • 3-Wire
  • VBUS

The MC-4E’s digital input works identically in either installation deployment type.

In both cases, a sensor bridge harness part number 1500964 is required. The Sensor Bridge Harness has three wires available for connecting inputs and outputs to Morey telematics devices. In this use case, we are exclusively covering and MC-4E; therefore, the Orange wire (pin 4) is the only wire needed.

The Orange wire is connected to the wire where the customer wishes to detect a change in voltage. This configuration detects 0.0 – 1.5 VDC as an inactive state and 3.5 – 32 VDC as an active state. Each time the voltage toggles between these two states, the MC-4E sends a toggle state notification to Temeda’s back-end systems. Temeda can be configured to send an alert when a toggle condition occurs, and toggle states can be seen in several reports.

If you wish to deploy an MC-4E with a digital input, contact Temeda Customer Support to ensure you have the appropriate configuration file uploaded into your MC-4E.

Follow the installation drawings shown below, or on the MC-4 Installation Page.

MC 4E Digital Input with VBUS Install Guide
MC 4E Digital Input with 3 Wire Install Guide
MC 4E Digital Input with 3 Wire Install Guide

Creating a Digital Input Alert

Once the MC-4E is properly installed, you can go to the Temeda App and create a digital input alert.

How to create a digital input alert:

  1. From the alert detail popup page, pick alert type: Sensors / Digital Input 1 Active
  2. Name the alert and save it.
  3. Once the alert has been saved, activate the input on the asset to verify that the alert has been detected and reported.

Read more about this alert and other Temeda alerts on the Alerts help page.

“Digital Input 1 Active” or “Digital Input 1 Inactive” reporting is also available in the following reports: