Alert Types

Asset Activity & Movement Off Hours Usage This alert will trigger when an asset sends an “In Motion” or “Running” event during a customizable “Off Hours” schedule. Ignition On/Engine Running This alert will trigger when an asset sends an “Ignition On” or “Running” event during a customizable schedule. Movement Started This alert is triggered whenever …

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Manage Alert Notifications

Customer Admins have the ability to manage all alert Notifications in one location. Admins can go to the new Admin > Account > Notifications menu to add/edit/delete alert notification email addresses and sms text message phone numbers. Notifications Button: Alert Notifications Menu:

Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Temeda detects engine failures and displays the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) and diagnostic information for both OBDII (Check Engine light in passenger vehicles) and SAE J1939 (medium to heavy duty vehicles and construction equipment). DTC features include DTC Alerts, DTC Reporting, and a Maintenance DTC page. Each of the features include Trouble Code lookup messages …

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Alert Tokens

You can customize your Alert messages with Alert Tokens. These automatically fill device data into an Alert’s subject or content fields. For instance, this set of tokens: Subject {asset} is speeding Content {asset} is traveling at {speed:mph} near {address} on {date} at {time} would send this alert: Asset-001 is speeding Asset-001 is traveling at 79mph …

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Alert Events

Alert Events will open a window displaying all of the current Alerts that are occurring on Assets in your account.


The Alert icon allows an Administrator of your account to create, manage and view Alerts for your account. Alerts are customized by you to fit the exact needs of your company to manage and track Assets you have deployed. Alerts notify you of your Asset’s activity based on the parameters you have defined in the …

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