Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Temeda detects engine failures and displays the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) and diagnostic information for both OBDII (Check Engine light in passenger vehicles) and SAE J1939 (medium to heavy duty vehicles and construction equipment). DTC features include DTC Alerts, DTC Reporting, and a Maintenance DTC page. Each of the features include Trouble Code lookup messages for over 7,500 standard fault codes.

Maintenance DTCs Page

View a list of all DTC Events including Trouble Codes and Trouble Code Diagnostic Messages within the Temeda Maintenance module.

  1. A view of all Diagnostic Trouble Codes – DTC
  2. Display all DTC and count
  3. Clear filters action button
  4. Export data action button
  5. Free text search bar
  6. Filter by Date
  7. Filter by Asset
  8. Sortable column headers
    1. Asset (hot link to Asset Detail Page)
    2. Date/Time, Year, Make, Model, Current Hours, Current Odometer, Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) info.

DTCs in Alerts

The “Check Engine / Diagnostic (DTC)” Alert can be triggered upon Asset engine failure. Create the Alert to create system notifications sent via Email and/or SMS text message.

DTCs in Reports

Run a Report showing a historical view of all DTC Events, including Trouble Codes and Trouble Code Diagnostic Messages per Asset. Report can be run on-demand or they can be scheduled.