Maintenance Plans

Maintenance Plans

  1. A view of plans
  2. Display schedules in Service Cards
  3. Add a plan button
  4. Clear filters action button
  5. Export data action button
  6. Free text search bar
  7. Sort by Name and sort by created date action
  8. Filter by All or by schedule

Adding a Plan

  1. Click on add a plan
  2. Open a Maintenance Plan Detail page
  3. Full text fields Name and Description
  4. Enabled check box

Intervals Tab

  1. Recurring or One Time option button
  2. Select one of the following
    1. Odometer – Every Miles, Start Miles and End Miles
    2. Time – Every Days, Start Date, and End Date
    3. Engine Hours – Every Hours, Start Hours, End Hours
  3. Display a Due/Overdue % bar
  4. Summary of plan view
  5. Save and Cancel action buttons

Task Tab – Plan Detail

  1. Click on task tab
  2. Open task section
  3. Multi select tasks to be add to the plan
  4. Allow for search for task
  5. Allow for Drag to Sort selected tasks
  6. Add new Task action button

Asset Tab – Plan Detail

  1. Click on Assets
  2. Open assets section
  3. Multi select assets by asset, by groups, or by entire fleet
  4. Allow for asset search

Documents Tab – Plan Detail

  1. Click on Documents tab
  2. Add files, Drag and drop or add an electronic file type