Frequently Asked Questions

Vehicles equipped with telematics devices  can report as frequently as every 15 seconds.

Yes. We train your employees on how to use the system during setup. Additional training is available upon request.

Yes. Reports can be printed or exported as a PDF, Excel or CSV. The system can email these reports to you at whatever time you schedule.

Your User ID is your email address.

Application and account questions can be directed to Temeda Customer Support.

Make sure your device is installed properly. If the device is properly installed, you should contact your Account Manager.

Temeda is an acronym for tele-meta-data. Tele-metadata are meaningful facts, remotely accessed.

Yes. Our MRM application provides customer configurable notification regarding the maintenance and performance of your vehicles.

You can purchase the hardware on its own, you can subscribe to the online service or you can roll the hardware and the online service into one monthly payment.

Yes. Realtime text alerts may be set up so you can be notified as an alert occurs via any mobile number.

Simply click Login on the Temeda homepage and click Forgot Password. Enter the email you would like to reset the password for. Once you click “Send Email,” you will be sent an email that will help you reset your password.

Our Customer Support staff will get you in touch with technicians who can help you install your device.

Yes. Our engine diagnostics technology reports idle time and vehicle MPG to help optimize your fleet’s fuel use.

You can get on-demand reporting for the previous 365 days. To access data beyond the 365-day time frame, please contact Temeda Customer Support.

Yes. Groups can be configured in our application by any account member with appropriate access.

Temeda’s Customer Support is available via phone +844-4-TEMEDA or email Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CST and Saturday 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. CST.

The Global Update Tray (GUT) is a dashboard that provides a summary of important updates and alerts for the current day. Clicking on each section of the GUT provides additional information and helps you navigate to the assets that need your attention.

If you are a current Temeda Customer:

  1. “Sign Up” via the Temeda API portal at
  2. Log in to your Azure API account or create an account, by clicking the Sign Up button.
  3. Subscribe to a Product which contains the API you are interested in. See a full list of our APIs here.
  4. Click on the Subscribe button. This will send an email to Temeda Customer Support.
  5. Customer support will review your request, create your login credentials and send them to you via email.

If you are a current Temeda customer, access to APIs are part of your subscription.