Clicking on the Zones section of the Navigation Bar will open a window listing all Zones on your account.

A Zone is a user-defined area on a map which can produce logging and/or Alerts when Assets enter and/or exit the boundaries of the Zone. Members use these Zones to delineate areas for tracking the movement entry and exit of Assets from these Zones and to deliver updates/Alerts when the Zone perimeters are breached.

Adding a Zone

To create a Zone, click on Add Zone on the top of the window.

The Zone Detail window requires a Zone Name and a Zone Shape to be specified via either circle or polygon. Entering the Zone Description is optional.

To draw the Zone Shape, click the Begin Drawing button. You will be brought to a map view. Once at the map view, you can draw either a Circle or a Polygon zone.

With the Circle tool, you can drag and drop the circle to be any size you need. The Polygon tool allows you to draw the exact shape you need to create the Zone. Once you have the shape of your Zone drawn, clicking the Save button at the top of the map will return you to the Add Zone window.

When you’re ready to create the Zone, click the Save button in the bottom right corner of the window.

Editing a Zone

To edit a Zone, click on the pencil icon next to the Zone you wish to modify.

In the Zone Detail window, you have the same options as the Add Zone window. You can change the Zone Name, Description and you can modify your existing Zone.

If you wish to redraw the Zone completely, whichever option you currently have selected (Circle or Polygon), choose the opposite and then go back to your first choice.  This will reset your screen so you can create the zone from scratch.  Once complete, click Save at the top of the screen.

Back at the Zone Detail screen, save your changes by clicking the Save button on the bottom right of the window.

Deleting a Zone

From the Zones window, you can delete a saved Zone by clicking the icon that is “an ‘x’ within a circle” icon at the far right of the row.  After clicking on ‘Delete’ in the confirmation box, the Zone will be deleted.

Exporting Zones

You can export Zones as comma separated values by clicking the Export Data button on the Zones window.

Toggle Zones Active or Inactive

Customers now have the ability to set Zones as Active on Inactive. Only active items will show in the Accordion and Alerts. Inactive items will still show up on the Admin Menu so that they can be re-activated or deleted. This allows customers to keep all Zones in the system but to activate only those items in use to keep the user interface clean and un-cluttered.