By January 19, 2018Icons, Map

Built on Google Maps

Temeda’s map will look and function in ways that you already know.  This is because we are built on Google Maps and utilize much of the basic functionality of Google Maps.  This includes basic navigation (pinch to zoom, drag and drop scrolling), street view, satellite view, traffic overlays, and turn by turn directions.

On top of Google Maps we have built a frame.  Across the top is our navigation pane which we call “Ribbon”, On the right there is the accordion, and at the bottom is the GUT (this provides a course filter of everything on the map).  On the map, you will see dots which represent assets.  The icon in the dot will tell you a lot about the asset.  As an example, Assets with a Square in them are stopped (just like a VCR or Blueray Player), assets with an arrow are moving and the arrow indicates direction, and dots with a number represent assets that are located close together – we call this a cluster.