Maintenance Status

By April 28, 2017Maintenance, Training, Videos

Maintenance Status

Status Header

  1. Total number Overdue, Due, and Not Due count. Graphically and in text.
  2. Display total number of assets subject to maintenance task/plans.
  3. Page filtering by All, Overdue, Due, and Not Due.
  4. Clear filers action
  5. Export data action
  6. Free text search bar, Asset ID pull down search, and Plan/Schedule pull down search.

Spreadsheet View Shows

  1. Due Percent, Asset, Status, Plan / Schedule Name, Next Service, Current Odometer, Current Hours, Last Service Date, Last Service Odometer, Last Service Hours, Last Location.
  2. Spreadsheet hot links:
    1. Asset links to Asset Detail Page
    2. Plan / Schedule Name links to Maintenance Plan Detail
  3. Action buttons:
    1. Log Maintenance: On click open Maintenance Log Detail page.
    2. Service History: On click open asset detail page to Maintenance tab.
    3. Service Task: On click open Service Details PFD document.
  4. Paginate data:
    1. Display next page action bar
    2. Display current page of total page text

Maintenance Help Table of Contents

For help on any of the Maintenance features in Temeda, follow the links below: