Maintenance Logs

By April 28, 2017Maintenance, Training, Videos

Maintenance Logs View

  1. Display all logs
  2. Sortable column headers:
    1. Service Date
    2. Asset
    3. Plan/Schedule
    4. Service Interval
    5. Logged Odometer
    6. Logged Hours
    7. Technician
    8. Service Notes
    9. Part
    10. Labor
    11. Total Cost
    12. Actions (not sortable)
  3. Add a Log button
  4. Clear filters action button
  5. Export data action button
  6. Free text search bar
  7. Search by Asset
  8. Edit, Delete, and Service Details action buttons

Maintenance Log Detail

  1. Click on Add Log
  2. Open Log Detail page
  3. Select Asset field (required) – allow for clear
  4. Maintenance Schedule or Plan (required)
  5. Pick service date
  6. Enter Odometer, Engine Hours, Invoice #, Work Order#, Parts Cost, Labor Cost, Technician Name, Service Notes.
  7. Add files, Drag and drop or add an electronic file type
  8. Save and Cancel action buttons

Maintenance Help Table of Contents

For help on any of the Maintenance features in Temeda, follow the links below: