The Grid displays real time data for all of the assets in the account in a table format.

  • The data elements and order can be customized for each account.
  • The Grid can be filtered, sorted, and exported
    • Select type filters (select and deselect from a list) can be applied
    • All filters can be deselected by selecting the ‘Reset Filters’ button
    • Multiple filters can be applied simultaneously
    • Free type filters can be applied
    • Filtering the Grid will also filter what is displayed on the map
    • Any column can be sorted independently of filter by ascending or descending
  • Selecting an asset in the grid will snap the map to that asset and the selected asset’s Asset Popup will be displayed
  • The Asset Detail page can now be accessed directly from the grid
  • The grid can be resized using the full screen button (top right) or can be dragged to the desired size
  • If the display window can be navigated using scroll bars on the right and bottom of the grid window
  • If many records are in the grid (500+) multiple ‘grid pages’ will be used to make navigation quicker

Quick Groups

Admins can quickly create Groups by using the Grid to sort/filter assets, then clicking the Add Group.

Quick Groups Location: